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Our Mission

Steinway Society of Riverside County (SSRC) has been invested in musical arts education since our founding in 2002. Today we have a menu of musical experiences, musical education and instrumental instruction programs serving thousands of children and young adults each year in the Coachella Valley.

The programs support our vision statement which is to maximize the musical education opportunities of the youth of the Coachella Valley both within and outside of the academic environment. These programs also support our mission which is to provide musical experiences, music education and instruction in musical instruments to the school children of the Coachella Valley in partnership with the school districts.

The positive impact of the world of music is far more complex and far-reaching than most of us realize. Engaging with music improves language development, increases IQ, improves test scores, helps reduce stress and improves memory.

Please join us in our work to serve the school children and young adults in the Coachella Valley.

Board of Directors:

Ruth Moir, Founder/CEO
Michelle Cozmuta, President
Kathryn B. Hull, Recording Secretary & Parliamentary
Mark Taylor, CPA, Treasurer
Jim McCormick, Vice President Music Awards
Jeanie Cunningham, Vice President Programs
Pamela Bieri, Vice President Marketing

Stephanie Bassanelli
Lois Darr
Don Genhart
Carole Roos Haller
Dorothy Hamilton
Brian McDaniel
Elaine Holmes
Brian Warner
Flo Wolff

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In 2002 many school systems, due to massive budget cuts, were eliminating music programs from the curriculum. Ruth Moir founded the Steinway Society of Riverside County to help provide some music education, musical experiences and instrumental instruction for the school children in the Coachella Valley.

Every year thousands of school children benefit from the programs we provide to the school districts. We cannot do this without the support of all of the wonderful donors in the Coachella Valley which we would like to acknowledge.

Thank you to our donors



Your donations make it possible for the Steinway Society of Riverside County to bring music to the children of the Coachella Valley.