Steinway Society Sponsors Children's Programs

Steinway Society of Riverside County provides in-school music education programs to all three Coachella Valley school districts including piano and ukulele labs and Classic Concerts in Schools,  age-appropriate, interactive performances engaging children K-12 with piano, dance, opera and jazz concerts.

Virtual programs include Mr. McSymphony™, a series of six video classes bringing music appreciation to 1st to 4th grade students that include classical music, symphony orchestra, opera, jazz and orchestral instruments. Basics of an Orchestra is a power-point presentation for 4th and 5th grades on the four major instruments. SSRC’s music programs reach some 30,000 school children per year.

An Outreach Program provides piano lessons, scholarships and pianos for talented children with financial need. SSRC is in partnership with Amp Camp in Indio and Marquee Academy in Palm Springs.

Ukulele labs are geared toward 4th and 5th grade students who are provided their own ukuleles, materials and teachers for group lessons. Classic Concerts in Schools offer age-appropriate, interactive performances engaging and inspiring children K-12 with piano, dance, opera and jazz concerts.

SSRC also provides its live Music is Wellness program at Eisenhower Memory Care Center.



Your donations make it possible for the Steinway Society of Riverside County to bring music to the children of the Coachella Valley.